Web3Betting Whitepaper


What is Web3Betting?

Web3Betting is a cryptocurrency project about European Handicap built on the Binance Smart Chain.
Web3Betting Dapp is currently a testnet version. Applying Blockchain technology and building on the Web3.0 platform makes Web3Betting Dapp user-friendly. Users only need to connect their decentralized wallet to be able to get access to all the features and programs available on Web3Betting Dapp: European Handicap, Jackpot Program, Affiliate Program.
Players experience the wonderful feeling of soccer betting on blockchain, constant dapp operation, transparent finance, and fast withdrawal and deposit without any constraints.

Live Betting

What happens when the match has already started but you want to place a bet? Web3Betting allows you to bet in match time. For example, in the match between Arsenal and Manchester United. You are not sure which team is going to win to bet your money. When the match starts in about 30 minutes, you see Manchester United players show a great performance. You can bet The Red win and enjoy your rewards!
Web3Betting Dapp displays in the decimal (European) odds. Web3betting updates matches and major tournaments like English Premier League, La Liga, and Ligue 1...in real-time.

Mobile Betting

Another noteworthy feature is that Web3betting is also available on a mobile phones. It means you can bet anywhere, anytime, simply with a smartphone. Last but not least, the experience of users will not be affected, you will have the experience exactly like when we are on a PC.

Ready to Bet on soccer matches?

Soccer is the King of sports, in the sports betting market and still holds the No. 1 position with many attractive tournaments taking place all year round ready to help you experience exciting online betting. As long as you stick with Web3Betting Dapp, you're in for an exciting soccer betting adventure. You are ready by connecting your decentralized wallet to the Dapp?
Last modified 5mo ago