To participate in betting, players will buy $W3B. When swap will cost 5% tax. This tax will be deposited into Liquidity.
For example Player A has 1000W3B in his personal wallet. Player A login Web3Betting Dapp.
Suppose we have a bet like below.(how to read betting odds)
Player A uses 500W3B to bet on Liverpool. (After a successful bet, the player is given 5 tickets. With these tickets, player A will participate in the Jackpot program and have a chance to win 10,000 $W3B.)
If the Liverpool result wins, then Player A will have one winning bet. Based on the betting odds, person A will receive 500 x 1.33 - (5% betting tax = 500 x 5%) = 640 $W3B.
If the result Everton wins or draws, then Player A will have one losing bet. Player A will receive 1% $W3B bet cashback = 1% x 500 = 5 $W3B.
All player bets will be deposited into the betting pool. $W3B rewards and cashback are extracted from the betting pool.
3% betting tax = 15 $W3B will be deposited into the Betting Pool, 2% betting tax = 10 $W3B will be deposited into the Marketing Pool.
Player A can generate passive income by participating in the Affiliate Program​