What are you taxed on?

Transactions in Web3Betting will be subject to the following taxes:
  • Trading Tax: You're taxed 5% every time you buy, sell tokens W3B.
  • Betting Tax: When you participate in betting on the Web3Betting Dapp platform. You will be charged tax each time you claim the reward token. Claim tax is equal to 5% of the amount you bet. For example, you bet 100$W3B on team A, if you win you will be charged 5% tax on 100$W3B which is 5$W3B.

Why is the protocol taxed?

To sustain the protocol with ample resources to upkeep liquidity, risk-free value, hedging against inflation & provide funds to the investment fund, we've included taxes into our protocol.

Where do the taxed tokens go?

  • For 5% Trading Tax will be added directly to Liquidity
  • For 5% Claiming Tax will be divided into 2 parts: 3% will be added directly to the Betting Pool, and 2% will be transferred to the marketing pool.