Web3Betting Dapp

Note: Players must own a decentralized crypto wallet like a Metamask wallet.

Step 1: Access Web Betting Dapp

Access Web Betting Dapp by Clicking the Launch App button on the Website or accessing link: -> https://dapp.w3betting.io/sport

Step 2: Connect your Wallet (Metamask) to BSC Testnet.

Network Name: Smart Chain – Testnet
New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.bscscan.com

Step 3: Choose Tournaments.

Take BNB as transaction fee: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Step 4: Connect your wallet(Metamask) with the Dapp.

Step 5: Go to Profiles. Check your balance before betting.

Step 6: Place a bet

Choose your favorite league. Choose your favorite match. Choose the amount to use for the bets.

Step 7: Check Lottery Ticket.

Step 8: Check your bets.

Step 9: Claim rewards.